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Jan 30, 2010 6:00am EST
it may cost to do it. barbara starr, cnn, washington. >> and then there's this -- preying on the earthquake's most vulnerable victims. humanitarian agencies say child molesters and traffickers are looking to exploit the chaos and confusion by stealing orphan children. anderson cooper takes an in-depth look on "360" beginning monday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. >>> everybody's happy for the new orleans saints. >> yeah, first time. >> going to the super bowl. after all that city's been through, this is a good way to forget about katrina. every game you watch, you hear the crowds say the same thing. w who dat? well, you may not hear it at the super bowl. the nfl says they own that phrase. >> that's really odd. and now a senator down in louisiana is fighting back. >> we'll give you the details on that. >>> and then there's the argument over, basically, who's going to win this super bowl, right? >> of course. >> who are you rooting for? >> you've got to root for the saints. peyton manningi ins ridiculous, though. it's hard to bet against him, but hard to bet against
Jan 9, 2010 8:00am EST
into november's white house steak dinner. "the washington post" reporting a grand jury is going to look into this. the paper says two georgetown stylists who helped the salahis get ready for the event have been subpoenaed. a congressional committee is investigating as well the sting and they subpoenaed the couple last month. the couple said they take the fifth if they had to show up. >>> a 28-year-old graduate student from china now faces charges in sunday's security breach at newark airport. we'll show you this video of the suspect being taken into custody at his home in new jersey yesterday. police say the man ducked under a security rope to greet a woman after a guard left his post. the incident prompted authorities to shut down a terminal or hours and rescreen all passengers. >>> well, like we mentioned a moment ago, we are seeing new video just out this morning. the suspected double agent who is accuse of killing seven cia officers in afghanistan. also killed a jordanian in that attack. in this tape now that we are seeing he seems to make his motives pretty clear. revenge. cnn
Jan 9, 2010 6:00am EST
washington. >> if half the audience is still awake at the end, yeah, i killed them. >> well, josh levs is here. is this a living for this guy, josh? >> it's taken off for him. more and more people are booking him. he's getting a lot of good gigs out there. he calls it a significant minority income. but the book is doing pretty well and he's getting bookings, and we met him at a convention of 8,000 that took place here in atlanta. and it's quite possible he has a future ahead of him as, indeed, the nation's first ever stand-up economist. we're going to keep an eye on that guy. >> it's a market that's growing, appare apparently. thank you, josh. >>> and still on the economy front here. the housing market was really, really hot five years ago, and you weren't hearing the term short sale that much. >> no, but we are certainly hearing it now. clyde anderson has more on this exit strategy that could close the door on your credit. he sure is working up an appetite up there. bet you guys are, too. how about some hamburger helper? cheeseburger mac... how 'bout some after the show? hamburger helper
Jan 30, 2010 8:00am EST
to do it. barbara starr, cnn, washington. >>> well, preying on the earthquake's most innocent victims, child molesters and traffickers are looking to exploit the chaos and confusion by stealing orphan children. anderson cooper is taking an in-depth look at this situation on "ac 360." begins monday night 10:00 eastern right here on cnn. >>> the obama administration has been saying they want the trial, the 9/11 trial, khalid shaikh mohammed, to take place in new york city. caused a bit of a stir. maybe not here, logistical nightmare, security, cost. well, now, debate on whether it will still take place there. new york city wants justice. not so keen on the drama or the cost. >>> also, this what will it take to get people back to work? we're really going to delve into a closer look at the president's plan to find jobs for the plan to find jobs for the unemployed. >>> new york senator chuck schumer says it is obvious that the trial of five 9/11 terror suspects can not be held in new york. the the obama administration is under pressure to try khalid shaikh mohammed and four others
Jan 23, 2010 8:00am EST
, rain is going to be in the picture. temperatures, 46 in washington. as i mentioned, 30s and 40s for most of the northeast. miami, 77. tampa, 77. 71 in houston. 50 in vegas. that is a wrap on the forecast. let's send it back to you guys. >> all right, reynolds. we appreciate it. we'll be checking in with you shortly. >>> today in his weekly online address president obama making it clear he doesn't necessarily agree with what the u.s. supreme court just ruled. had a ruling this week to ease campaign spending laws on corporations and labor unions. the president says he can't think of anything more devastating to the public interest than allowing big money more say in future elections. >> this ruling strikes at our democracy itself. by a 5-4 vote the court overturned more than a century of law, including a bipartisan campaign finance law written by senators john mccain and russ feingold that had barred corporations from using their financial clout to directly interfere with elections by running advertisements for or against candidates in the crucial closing weeks. this ruling opens the
Jan 2, 2010 6:00am EST
. >> now, doctors have not found whatever caused limbaugh's pain. >>> well, the washington wizards aren't exactly having a stellar season. and now reports of their franchise player allegedly brandishing guns inside the locker room. reportedly drew guns on each other over an argument over a gambling debt. arenas denies the charges. the wizards said they are cooperating and take this ongoing investigation seriously. >>> half way through a long weekend, a good start to the new year. >> it's only 7:00 in the morning. you're ready to blow through this -- >> we started on friday. well, let's see how the weather is if you're going to go outside today. >> depends where you happen to be. if you happen to be in international falls, minnesota, feels like the beginning of a new ice age, 32 degrees below zero right now as we speak. and coming up, we'll let you know how long this is going to last for parts of the midwest and northern plains and what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up in a few moments. >> thank you, reynolds. >>> also, take a look at these pictures. president taking s
Jan 2, 2010 8:00am EST
he had a lot of down time during his hawaiian vacation. when he gets back to washington, it's back to the grind on health care. >> the president vowed to start working on a compromised bill before congress gets back to their break. health care shaped the year. cnn white house correspondent ed henry has more. >> reporter: betty and richard this working vacation has been more work and less vacation. reminder of the 24/7 nature of the presidency. one of in obama's good friend is urging him to slow down in 2010. as the president rests up for his second year in office, one of his closest allies here in hawaii is expressing concern about the pace of year one. >> i think he's done exceedingly well, although as one who has been there for 50 years now, he is pushing himself too hard. >> reporter: the charge, he has too much on his plate, comes from republicans. this time it's democrat daniel inoue who speaks with authority after serving in the senate with ten presidents now. >> five months ago we're at some very informal gathering and the president looked at me and says, well, dan, how am i do
Jan 23, 2010 6:00am EST
republicans need to be wary. >> we know that washington democrats will pull out all the stops to try and shove this government takeover of health care with its medicare cuts and tax hikes. there's a sweet heart deal that needs to be cut, democrats will cut it. and if there's a vote that needs to be bought, they'll buy it. haven't we had enough of government propped up on payouts and pork barrel spending? haven't we had enough of the same old us versus them politics that uses yesterday's battles to distract us from today's problems? we're all in this together. and we need positive forward-looking solutions to bring us together. >> congressman boehner says democrats aren't heeding the message from the massachusetts senate election. he says they should stop scrambling on health care. >>> issue number one is the economy. and the report from the u.s. labor department shows that the december jobless rates rose in 43 states and the district of columbia reversing that downward trend that we've been seeing since november. hard hit regions included the west, midwest, and southeastern u.s. >> and a
Jan 16, 2010 8:00am EST
of the washington wizards. he's expected to be sentenced in march. his lawyer said prosecutors agreed to seek no more than six months of jail time. >>> it has been one year since a u.s. airways jet safely landed on the hudson river. remember this? many of the 155 survivors remembered the life-changing moment with a ride on one of the ferries that rescued them. by the way, the last, in the last year two of the passengers they have married and another couple who were strangers on that flight have started dating. interesting stuff there. the u.s. navy is sending medical help to haiti. the usns comfort is a fully staffed hospital. the comfort is preparing to leave. when is the comfort expected to arrive in haiti because there's much need on the ground in haiti and they are waiting for the capacity of a ship like this. >> reporter: absolutely, betty. going to take a couple of days for the u.s. navy ship the comfort to make it down to haiti. right now they are doing all the final preparations to leave the dock here in baltimore. they are expecting that to happen in about half an hour
Jan 16, 2010 6:00am EST
. navy hospital ship is preparing to leave at any moment. and our suzanne malveaux is in washington. we want to start with chris lawrence in haiti. you're getting the view of what's becoming an increasingly desperate situation. people looking for the essentials, that includes food and water. >> reporter: yeah, t.j., early morning, already another hot, sweltering day. where tens of hundreds of thousands will be living outside again. trying to scavenge whatever food and water they can get. a lot of local businesses that have been able to reopen are pitching in, starting to put out hoses, offering free water. where people can bring up buckets and get it. we've seen a few water trucks around. people waiting in line. but some of the distribution isn't going quite so smoothly. i was in the middle of it yesterday, where literally a few people started pushing and it just swept through the crowd. where all of a sudden people everybody was crammed up against the truck. reaching inside the truck. grabbing food. some of the stronger people taking it away from the weaker people. women, some of t
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10